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The “New” Chandler’s in Carlsbad CA

May 3, 2016


I wasn’t always a good cook. There was a time when I burnt grilled cheese and pizza… frozen pizza. I sometimes multitask while in the kitchen and tend to forget that I’m cooking. Fortunately I’m a much better cook these days, having some experience now, tons of cookbooks, and the internet. Throwing together a gourmet […]

Medifast Diet – Week 11 update

May 12, 2013


My goal was to lose 20 pounds by mid May.  I started the diet on Monday Feb 25 and it’s been 11 weeks so far.  The first 4 weeks I followed the weight loss diet guidelines exactly, with only 1 exception – I had 1 glass of red wine. After the first 4 weeks I […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes – with strawberries on top

March 31, 2013


I love cooking for people, so holiday’s are usually a fun event for me, when I’m in the mood. OK so I’m a girl, sometimes I’m in the mood to cook and sometimes not. But creating a work of art, that is pleasing to the tummy and taste buds, is something I really enjoy doing. […]

Quick – Mini Penne and Veges

March 19, 2013


Here is my first recipe, many more to come. Like so many others, I love to create in my kitchen.  I also have no patience. So quick delicious meals are my favorite things. Here’s one such favorite everyone seems to love. Shhhh don’t tell them it is healthy!  Fresh foods are always best in my […]

Tomato Crostini with whipped feta

January 28, 2013

0 I have Ian Garten’s recipe from her new cookbook and YUM!!! They came out better than I thought! I like foolproof things (and the name is better than idiot proof for sure 🙂 A few things I did to change up her recipe to my liking:  Use Fat Free Feta, use 2 day old, […]