Switzerland with Dad, Remembering Mom

Posted on May 7, 2016


This is the second part to the “Paris with Dad..” article. Dad and I went to Paris and Switzerland in the summer of 2015 to visit places he and mom had loved – favorite sites,  restaurants, and hotels.  I was there for ten days (five days in Paris and five days in Switzerland) and he was there for five weeks.  We revisited a lifetime of memories and created new ones. We took the metro, train, bus, and boat rides through out the Swiss countryside. Some of the towns we visited were Villeneuve, Vevey, Morges, Geneva, and Baden.

Villeneuve is one of my Dad’s favorite small swiss towns and we ate at a restaurant that was on a pier over the water which looks out to the Chillon Castle. Mom loved Audrey Hepburn so we made a stop in Morges to see Audrey’s grave which was in a quiet unpretentious graveyard. Many of the European department stores have the first floor as a food market which is a good place to get a sandwich for lunch and buy food souvenirs.

We rented an apartment we found on VRBO which is near the Geneva train station. It was affordable and convenient to many restaurants, shops, metro, and train to go explore other cities. We walked, talked, reminisced, ate, and each took over 1000 pictures! Here are a few of Dad’s photos (photo credits Dave Crawford).

tiny alley street flower shop ice cream in Baden The Fork Swiss WatchesCharlie Chaplin Swiss Wine dinner on the boat restaurant on the boat vevey train station small island Vevey boat Villeneuve Lake Geneva Baden Street signs Castle from train from the train Audrey's Grave