Paris with Dad remembering Mom

Posted on January 17, 2016


I aspire to be the world traveler my Dad is. Sure, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to exciting destinations like Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, England, and Switzerland, but Dad has been on around the world trips more than 15 times – he lives to travel! Even now well into retirement, Dad is planning a trip to the Netherlands with the grandkids for this spring.

The early years of global jetsetting my parents had were the golden years he tells me. Then “First Class” was really first class with gold trimmed china, crystal glasses, and exceptional royal treatment service. Alas, travel today has changed but still one of my favorite activities and a long wish list of places to explore.

One of my mom’s favorite places to jet set to was Paris – to eat and shop like a Queen. This past summer (2015), three years after mom pasted away, Dad and I took a trip to Paris and Switzerland to visit some of their favorite places. This real time live sharing of memories from your parents is truely priceless and I appreciated the opportunity. 

Here is a photo journal of some of the places we visited as a snapshot of our trip. My Dad and I each took over a thousand pictures on this trip! Ive selected just a few to share here with you. Soon I will share the Switzerland photos from this trip! 


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