My name is Lisa Bruhn and I have a passion for travel and food – and my family and puppy.  I hope to inspire and help others pick their next place to explore or restaurant to try through my stories and ramblings.

I am a Mom, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Niece, Friend, Lover, Executive, Freelance Writer, and Explorer. Middle aged apparently, someone once told me, although each day I can feel anywhere between 12 and 82 depending on that particular day.

My passion for travel began at the age of 12 when my family embarked on a 6 month trip to Europe. My dad is an astronomer, and some astronomers get to take a break from work or “sabbatical” it’s called, to go research and write. Lucky for me he picked Europe for his sabbatical. My pink suitcase packed, cleared of having to do any make up homework for the last 4 months of my 6th grade “because I would learn a lot more living in Europe than I would in school here” I entered the era of my life that changed my life forever. I had caught the travel bug.

When I grew older, I gravitated towards a career in sales, which includes a lot of travel, and fueled my passion with trips across the United States, Canada, and also Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and London. I managed to fit in an extra day or two vacation time after my work to explore the areas I visited. My vacations have included Switzerland, Paris, Scotland, and Australia. As soon as I return from a trip I’m planning the next few trips.  It’s more of an obsession than passion really.

While I have a horrible sense of direction, and can get lost even with printed directions, a map, and a GPS guiding me, I have clear personal direction in having the need to share my stories. What a great invention blogs are as our personal spaces to spill out our stories, opinions, and ramblings to anyone who is interested in listening and can find you in a Google search.

I love to be spontaneous, so lets throw a dart at the map to figure out where to go next, and embark on a mission to immerse ourselves into new destinations. I hope to inspire and enlighten you with my rambling about the places I’ve been lucky enough to explore.

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