Medifast Diet – Week 11 update

Posted on May 12, 2013


My goal was to lose 20 pounds by mid May.  I started the diet on Monday Feb 25 and it’s been 11 weeks so far.  The first 4 weeks I followed the weight loss diet guidelines exactly, with only 1 exception – I had 1 glass of red wine.

After the first 4 weeks I had lost 12 pounds.  The next two weeks I lost 3 more pounds, sticking to the diet about 90%.

For my work I travel and eat out a lot so I studied the dining out guide very closely to know what to order. At Mexican restaurants I would get shrimp frajitas, without the tortillas – just shrimp and veges. When out for sushi I order sashimi (just the fish without the rice), or a tuna hand-roll with cucumber – no rice. I have water, tea, or Coke Zero to drink.

Now at 11 weeks I am holding at 15 pounds lost over all – I fluctuate 2 pounds up and down depending on what I’m eating.

My typical meal plan includes three Medifast meals and three small “real” meals – approximately 100 to 200 calories each, with a goal of less than 1200 calories a day.

  • Oatmeal or egg white/spinach/mushroom omelette for breakfast
  • Medifast Hot Chocolate or calorie burn cappuccino mid-morning
  • Salad or soup for lunch
  • Medifast meal or snack in the afternoon
  • Lean and Green dinner (either eating out or cooking at home using Medifast guidelines)
  • Medifast dessert


From Good HousekeepingHearty Vegetable Soup – only 45 calories.

My own recipes:

Chicken or turkey burgers with roasted tomatoes.

Chicken with roasted tomatoes

Chicken with roasted tomatoes

Cook chicken or burger patty in skillet seasoned with olive oil and spices on medium heat for about 15 minutes. I sprinkle Mrs. Dash, or 21 spice seasoning (from Trader Joe’s).  Then add a can of roasted tomatoes – make sure you check the label and find one without any sugar or corn syrup added.  Simmer another 15 minutes then sprinkle with a small amount of parmesan cheese.

Tofu and Cabbage (or use sliced top sirlion steak)

Saute extra firm tofu, cut up into cubes, seasoned with spices in olive oil for 10 minutes.  Add cut up cabbage and 1 cup water, cover, and cook on medium 10 minutes. Add 1/8 cup soy sauce, simmer for 15-20 minutes.

I have this 300 calorie recipe book which has some good ones.

300 Calorie Recipes

300 Calorie Recipes

I try to work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes, usually running/walking, or Precor stepper at the gym, or a yoga or Zumba class.

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