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“Walkabout Malibu to Mexico” book review

November 30, 2014


There are different ways to go about a hike and explore the area. Cheryl Strayed (played by Reece Witherspoon) in the movie “Wild” loaded up a huge backpack and set out to find herself along the 1000 mile Pacific Coast Trail. Tom Courtney, a retired college instructor, has discovered that a series of coastal day […]

Memorial Day – Coronado Island

May 29, 2013


I love spending the day in Coronado Island, and the experience starts when crossing over the bridge, looking at the sailboats, downtown panorama, and the feeling of anticipation for a fun carefree day. I live in North San Diego so when visitors come from out of town I like taking them to a few places […]

Maui – Day Three

May 23, 2013


Today we set out to experience (and survive) the road to Hana. Several people told us leave early! Why I wondered, it is only 50 miles, but takes a minimum of two hours to get to Hana. Not only due to the 600 curves and turns, 57 bridge crossings, but this one lane road has […]

Maui – Day One

May 19, 2013


When I landed in Honolulu it was raining. I loved it, the smell, the mystic feeling, the tropical atmosphere. I only had an hour layover in Honolulu before catching the flight to Maui so I walked in and out of the airport shops checking everything out. When I landed in Maui I was greeted immediately […]

Medifast Diet – Week 11 update

May 12, 2013


My goal was to lose 20 pounds by mid May.  I started the diet on Monday Feb 25 and it’s been 11 weeks so far.  The first 4 weeks I followed the weight loss diet guidelines exactly, with only 1 exception – I had 1 glass of red wine. After the first 4 weeks I […]

Travel Photography Tips

April 21, 2013


Today I had the opportunity to get tips on taking better travel photos from professional photographers Bob Krist and Ralph Lee Hopkins. The National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminar, although not hands on, it was packed with useful tips for amateurs to professionals wanting to gain new perspectives for their craft. Within the Joan B. Kroc […]

My Medifast Diet Experience and French Tarts

March 11, 2013


This isn’t a travel blog post, or restaurant review, but a food post – about french baking and diets. It all starts with my quest to perfect French baking, in November 2012. I had a burning desire to get these special exquisite desserts mastered in my kitchen -especially French tarts. I believe the passion began […]

Tomato Crostini with whipped feta

January 28, 2013

0 I have Ian Garten’s recipe from her new cookbook and YUM!!! They came out better than I thought! I like foolproof things (and the name is better than idiot proof for sure 🙂 A few things I did to change up her recipe to my liking:  Use Fat Free Feta, use 2 day old, […]