Tony’s Darts Away – Burbank CA

Posted on August 4, 2013


Tony’s Darts Away isn’t your typical bar. Sure they have a huge selection of craft brews and soccer, baseball, or football on the TVs throughout the room, but the bar food is a vegan’s dream. There is more on the menu for vegans than non vegans. In fact the menu, after two full pages of craft beers, highlights vegan hot dogs and sausages and then lists some “non vegan” ones.

There is a dart board and a pool table but there are a lot of board games to choose from too. This Saturday afternoon we saw all ages at Tony’s, from 5 to 65.

Tyler (my 22 year old son) and I had been apartment shopping all day and took a break for a beer and hot dog (he’s vegetarian). He searched for bar in Yelp and found this place – it was a bonus they featured vegan food!!

We played Yahtzee, Battleship, and cards while I had a flight of four light beers ($9.00) and he had a pint of Ballast Point Pilsner ($6.60). We shared a vegan Chicago style dog ($6.50) and a vegan chile dog ($8.00).

There’s no table wait service so you must order at the bar, which was fine with us, and then go pick your game of choice. The place was busy and we loved the atmosphere. the food and service was good also.

Don’t let the front put you off, as it looks like a 50s diner with black rather than red signage. We will add our Yelp review at five stars. We will be back when back in the area no doubt (the Writers Store is just down the street).