Idyllwild, California – Retreat Haven

Posted on July 2, 2013


Idyllwild is a very popular camp destination – not family tent camping, but organized group camps – church camps, Boy Scouts, yoga, corporate, art, music, just about any kinds of camps you can think of – there are 75 active group camps operating in Idyllwild.

Beyond the camps though, there are many people who live in San Diego, San Bernadino County, and Los Angeles, that own cabins in Idyllwild as their own private retreat. That’s what this weekend trip to Idyllwild was to me. A friend of a friend had a cabin they weren’t using that weekend, and I was game to get away – out into nature to balance my hectic weekly office life.

I hiked, shopped, ate, visited a historic quaint theater, and mostly just gave myself permission to unwind and relax.

Right in the center of the small town (population about 3,500), is the Idllywild Inn, the Gastrognome restaurant great for a petite filet or gourmet fish dish, Idyll Awhile Wine Shop and Bistro, and Joann’s cafe with homestyle comfort food.

Take note that if you want to go hiking, you likely will need to go to the Rangers Station first to get a permit.  On my hike, I encountered a group of guys heading down on the Deer Springs trail as I was heading up. They were finishing a three-day trek around the mountain on part of the Pacific Coast Trail. What was the one thing they were wanting the most at the end of their trip? COLD WATER! (I thought it would have been a long hot shower, but I was wrong).

Only two hours away from San Diego, without the younger 20-year-old partying snowboarder crowds you find in Big Bear, Idyllwild, is a peaceful retreat nestled in the pines and Manzanita trees.  Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone though, as it won’t be a peaceful quiet retreat if tons of people start going there. Let’s just keep it our secret hideaway.

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