New Village Arts Theater

Posted on February 17, 2013


New Village Arts Theater

New Village Arts Theater

How lucky we are in Carlsbad, California to have a small neighborhood theater with productions that rival Broadway shows!

I’ve been to a few of the productions at New Village Arts, and have not been disappointed yet. The Trip to Bountiful, was captivating, emotion evoking, and all around entertaining experience. The cozy venue made me feel like I was a part of the play.

I’m glad my friend and I had front row seats because by the end of the show my eyes were noticeably wet. Perhaps my tears were because I recently lost my mom, and she wanted to make a trip “home” before she passed, or perhaps due to the high-caliber performance by the cast, either way, it got me.

Simple plot, costumes, and set. Yet, Sylvia M’Lafi Thompson will have you laughing, crying, and empathizing with her mission to get to Bountiful. A bonus is the art gallery next door where you can browse during intermission while sipping wine or coffee.

This is a highly recommended night out in north county San Diego for those wanting some culture in their life.